Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14th Update

The Holidays are truly upon us! Many people are not having "big" or elaborate parties this year...keep us in mind for a fun, stay-to-the-budget lunch in the Patio or a catering that i can make easy for you when you arrive back at the office...we will be open until 12/24, close and then re-open january 4, Monday. At this point, we are not sure if we will still have our roof out back, until we don't have it, it is lunch on the Patio as usual. When the roof IS removed, we will only be able to serve lunch out back when the weather cooperates...cold is one thing, rain is another! It will be a good idea to call us, 957-1129, if you are not sure whether we are serving outside or not. Otherwise, it will be TAKE-OUT only on bad-weather days. And catering, for larger orders. As we wrote previously, we will deliver for these larger orders. Another idea for seasonal parties at home - make it easy on yourself - order some marinated jerk chicken and cook it yourself, if you enjoy getting out the barby.
Bear with us; we are trying to figure out WHAT to do, if anything, about this roof issue. It may be cost-prohibitive, which would make the Patio "active" during Spring and Summer and early Fall...we shall see.
Please be aware also, in these times where everyone is conscious of the penny, and where it goes, that we try to keep our prices fair to the customer, while bringing you the freshest, tastiest dishes possible...
enjoy the holidays!


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