Tuesday, January 26, 2010

End of January Update

After sloshing through most of January, wet, freezing and dark grey, today we had a nice day...we were so happy to open the patio and serve customers again! As I mentioned earlier, we are featuring ToGo orders and deliveries, while the weather is so iffy...we are also looking into the possibility of renting a big tent to cover the patio so the customers can sit out back, no matter what. It is not a perfect solution, but perhaps doable. The idea of going through the Permit process and constructing a "real" roof is just out of our financial comfort zone; we do not own the building and this would end up costing between 15,000-35,000, not something we could recoup easily, in this economy. February usually brings not only Valentines Day(!) AND my birthday(!) but the beginning of better weather...we only count the minutes! THEN, Spring and - the beginning of Giants Baseball! Literally, we cannot wait! That is our Season on the Patio!
Again, thank you for your business and bearing with us through this wet season; we realize it is wonderful for the Earth, but it is truly hard for a TOTALLY patio restaurant!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st Blog for 2010!

After a fun break for the Holiday Season, we re-open Monday January 4th with hopes for a better year for everyone. As many of you know, we were forced by a "neighbor" to take down our Patio roof. That is done and we will be taking it day by day...if it is inclement weather, obviously the Patio (out back-) will not have table service. The RESTAURANT, however, will be open for TO-GO orders and also, we will offer DELIVERY for 8 full orders or more for the SOMA area and Potrero Hill neighborhoods. In years past, many customers had "post-holiday" lunches/celebrations at the office. Keep us in mind; we make it easy and fun for you to get down to the serious business of eating! Also to warm you up are the daily soups Noel makes...the offering changes, depending upon the inspiration! There is, for example, Chicken Soup, Mixed Seafood Soup, Lentil Soup, African Sweet Potato Soup, Spicy Vegetable Soup, etc. Today, Monday, will be fresh Turkey Soup. Another item for the colder weather wlll be Hot Apple Cider, again fresh, not from a mix-very tasty and this can also be modified to become Hot Spiced Wine. We still do have our umbrellas for the hardier folks to dine on cool days outside. We look forward to seeing you and also for you to check out our bright new paint job! Happy, Healthy New Year and Welcome Back to the Land of Jerk Chicken, or should I
say - the ISLAND of Jerk Chicken!