Sunday, February 21, 2010

February and - Forward!

My last blog shared with our customers a big change which most of you have experienced already - the Patio has no roof. It was totally removed at the end of December, due to mean politics with certain neighbors at 200 Townsend. At first we considered going through the Permit Process, but after meeting with one of the permit expeditors, we realized that getting a permit to build a roof over the patio was prohibitive for many reasons...the laws have changed in certain regards; the neighborhood is high profile, and then - the cost. We do not own the building and have already put in mucho dinero over the years to make it work better...any more simply is not an option. Then, we contacted a tent company we had utilized 10 years ago; again, status quo has changed on how things must be done; this also turned out to be totally out of budget, as a big tent would have to be designed special order due to rain/drain issues...again, completely out of the picture financially. So, we have sloshed through January and most of this month, pretty much ok, with most of the rain in the evenings, not during lunchtime when customers want to sit out in the patio. (We still do have our big umbrellas). Keep in mind, we DO remain open when it is raining during the day; we just take To Go orders and Deliveries (8 or more orders/Mon-Fri can be delivered-). Good news is: Spring really is trying to get here, and will! Which brings Giants baseball! And good weather!! During baseball season, we remain open until game time, usually 715pm. Sunday games also find us open, but only until 115pm, when the game begins.
Regarding large orders: we welcome them. However, to be able to organize, shop and prepare for big orders (20 or more-), it is so much easier if you, or your office, call us at least 1 day in advance. And, if it is a last-minute order for 10 or more items, PLEASE consider calling between 9am-11am to place the order. We take pride in getting the orders done "right" and in a timely fashion...truly, each order is cooked to order, so sometimes it can take a bit longer if an order for 20 lunches is placed at Noon, the SAME DAY!
There are customers who ask if we sell Primo Sauce (yes-$8.00 per 20 oz cup). Be sure to refrigerate it, and use it within 2-3 days, or- throw it out. Also, we can sell raw, marinated Jerk Chicken for you to bbq at your own house, that is $5.50/two good-sized filets.
Sooo, the countdown to true Patio weather is on! If you have any social events, birthdays, baptisms, office parties you would like to schedule for Spring or Summer, and through November (if the weather permits-), please let us know as soon as possible...we get super busy and like to always JUST SAY YES to our customers...
Please comment or call if you have any questions...
See you soon!


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