Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Schedule!!

Finally! San Francisco weather seemingly has changed for the better...this means longer, sunny days AND - a very busy Primo Patio. People want to sit outside after being pretty much cooped up during the incessant rains. We have been amping up this week, bringing our staff back and fine tuning how we can serve you better...believe it or not, there is a Method to the Madness!

If you come in and there is a line, please Stay on the Right Side of the corridor...this is the only access way for the Servers to come and times, customers seemingly take offense when we ask them to move to the right side of the hallway...this is only for everyone's safety.

Here are some suggestions to making your visit/lunch at the Patio smoother:

IF you are a group of 4 or more, call for a reservation.

CONSIDER arriving at the Patio slightly before Noon or after 1:30pm...each year I try to remind customers that this is so easy and makes their lunch hour be just that!

TO GO ORDERS tend to get crazy between, again, 12 Noon-1:pm. If you try to schedule your lunch pickup slightly earlier or later, it tends to go faster...Another thought, consider bringing cash for orders under $10; we have one charge machine and the Waitstaff from the back Patio have first dibs, so to speak, and this can slow things down considerably.

LARGE ORDERS are so welcome, as usual...however, PLEASE try to call before noon to place the order...your lunch is cooked to order and the whole process is smoothed out by having the proper time to prepare particularly large orders. As I mentioned in an earlier Blog, we take pride in getting the orders done "right" and on time...calling beforehand insures that this will happen.

HOURS CHANGE at this time of year:

MON/TUES (remain) 8am-3pm

HOWEVER, we follow the Giants Baseball Hours- we remain OPEN until gametime (i.e., 715pm) and OPEN on Sundays until 1:15pm (gametime)

Please feel free to comment; I am hoping Someone is reading this!